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10 Priorities of the CSV

More Purchasing Power

  • Less taxes. 
  • Inflation adjustment of the tax table in several steps. 
  • Broadening of tax brackets.  
  • Higher tax allowances for families with children. 
  • Increase of the tax entry amount – also for single parents. 
  • Extension of the transition period from tax class 2 to tax class 1a to 6 years.
  • No inheritance tax and no wealth tax.

More Support for Young Families

  • Improve the work-family balance through the right to four unpaid parental hours per week for parents of children of primary school age. 
  • Tax starter kit for young professionals with allowances during the first years of work.  
  • Development of care structures.
  • Support for parents who do not place their children in a care structure until compulsory schooling age.

More Housing

  • Build more, faster and in some places higher and denser. 
  • No environmental compensation measures inside the building perimeter. 
  • Speed up procedures through binding deadlines. 
  • Fewer impact studies. 
  • Re-introduction of the super-reduced VAT rate for the construction of rental housing. 
  • Support private actors to invest in the construction of rental housing. 

Climate Change and More Renewable Energy

  • Yes to the EU’s climate targets. 
  • Massive expansion of renewable energies by 2030. 
  • More efficient procedures for the energy transition (fast-track procedures). 
  • Openness to new technologies. 
  • A „guichet unique“: a one-stop shop for environmental applications and permits.

A Competitive Economy 

  • For sustainable and inclusive growth.
  • 20 percent less administrative burden. 
  • Tax benefits for investments in digital and environmental transition. 
  • Increased support for small and medium-sized enterprises and trade craft businesses (vocational training and lifelong learning, business transfer, etc.). 
  • Redesign of working time organisation through social dialogue. 
  • Maintaining the competitiveness of the financial centre and developing it into the number one in the field of „green finance“.
  • Promotion of Luxembourg as a prime business location for resident and new companies from industry and other economic sectors. 
  • Strengthening agriculture, viticulture and sustainable food production.
  • Strengthening the status of self-employed entrepreneurs with better social protection. 
  • Aligning corporate income tax with the average rate of OECD countries. 
  • Maintain AAA rating on public finances.

Better Healthcare

  • Shorter waiting times. 
  • More medical centres with 24-hour operation across the country. 
  • More out-of-hospital medical practices with sophisticated medical equipment (MRI, etc.).
  • Expansion and improvement of emergency healthcare. 
  • More prevention.

More Freedom through More Security

  • 700 additional police officers. 
  • More police presence, less administrative work.
  • Video surveillance at hot spots.  
  • Faster court proceedings in case of flagrant offences.

A Modern Public School

  • Increase teaching of 21st century skills.
  • Realignment of language instruction with more flexibility and choice for the student.
  • Introduction of real homework help in primary school, which is more than just supervision.
  • Breaking up the classical sections in secondary education with more choices between different major and minor subjects. 
  • Strengthening vocational education by creating new perspectives in the form of dual university education.

Mobility for All and Everywhere

  • Relieve congested towns by building bypasses. 
  • Extension of the tram network to the neighbouring municipalities of Luxembourg City. 
  • Use of trains with higher passenger capacities, presence of security personnel and better connection to the international railway network.
  • Nationwide development of continuous bicycle and pedestrian routes.

The Digital State

  • Accelerate the digitization of all administrative processes. 
  • Introduction of the „only once“ principle with the aim that citizens and businesses only having to transmit certain information to authorities and administrations once.
  • Tax incentives for companies in the digital transition.
  • Support blockchain technology and accompany artificial intelligence as important innovations in the digital transformation of the economy and society.